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With a love of good food and a passion for cooking as far back as I can remember. Being surrounded by a family of enviable cooks was also hugely influential in giving me the decision to leave behind the world of fashion and  embark on my own journey through food.

I set up my own business in 2004, a bit of light bulb moment, I love to cook and wanted to share my passion with others within the comfort of their own home and so teachustocook was born!

I have travelled the globe and picked up a wealth of influence behind the world cuisines that I teach. I have also taught in prestigious London based cookery schools local community centres.

With my wealth of experience coupled with my joy for teaching  key cookery skills is at the heart of what I do, to show people of all ages that it is not as difficult as one may think and with a few key skills and the best ingredients to hand, I believe:-


With my sense of fun and humour I always manage to put my students at ease, there is no cheffy jargon, under my helm being a nervous cook soon becomes a thing of the past.

I explain every step clearly. All questions are welcomed at every stage and I always encourage students to take pictures or even video as a helpful recap.


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